Saltwater fly fishing is becoming ever more popular also in the continental Europe. Vision has been offering specially designed tackle for saltwater fanatics already for years. For example our proven Venus fly rods have subdued some serious trophies all over the world. When we realised we have something special with our new premium XO freshwater fly rod prototypes 2 years ago we realised instantly that we could make our dream saltwater rod from the same special ingredients.

That was the start of our Project MERISUOLA.

At the moment Merisuola family consists of two members: a premium single-hand rod series with six models and a floating WF-type fly line series full of nice, well-considered details. Merisuola product family is a result of our passion for saltwater fly fishing. Merisuola rods and lines are approved so far at least by sailfish, black marlin, bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, redfish, stingray, pike, seatrout, Atlantic salmon, halibut, cod, coalfish, barracuda, many different tuna species and all kind of trevallies including the infamous GTs.


The backbone of the family consists of four piece lightweight fast action saltwater rods targeted to three classical shallow water species – bonefish, permit and tarpon. These rods incorporate everything we have learned during the 20 years of rod design and manufacturing - and then some.

  • A natural unsanded and unpainted blank for the best action
  • Unique silica nano resin combined with a mix of different carbon fibres
  • Adouble nut up-locking precision machined aluminum reel seat
  • Patented REC nickel titanium stripping and snake guides
  • Full wells handles with AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork enforcement.
  • Fighting butt size varies with each rod weight and has a target species branded on the end cap of the FB
  • Supplied in a custom aluminum tube with engraved metal end caps together with a cloth bag
  • Tested all over the world by sailfish, tarpon, permit, jacks, bonefish etc…

Just recently we introduced three additional models to complement Merisuola family: one #6 for those ideal conditions when your favorite shallow flat is dead calm and you can see tails and backs everywhere, one #7 specially designed for coastal seatrout fishing and a generic #9 workhorse especially suitable for pike/barracuda fishing everywhere where you can find those aggressive toothy critters.

Item code Line weight Length Weight Nickname
VMS4906 #6 9' 114g SkinnyWater
VMS4907 #7 9' 117g SeatroutSling
VMS4908 #8 9' 121g BoneCollector
VMS4909 #9 9' 131g PredatorSlayer
VMS4910 #10 9' 133g PermitMaster
VMS4912 #12 9' 147g Tarponator


BLANKS: All carbon rods utilise carbon fibres that are bonded together by an adhesive resin. A resin material incorporating silica nano spheres provides several benefits. We spent a lot of time and money to get our hands on the latest silica nano resin, which we then combined with different carbon fibre mixes. The final secret sauce that makes our new Merisuola rods more durable and responsive than any other rod we've made so far is the one developed for our premium XO rods. It strenghtens the rod significantly by making it more resistant to compression. You'll notice the advantages of it in the responsiveness and weight to strength ratio of the rod as well as in durability. We also tried a lot of different combinations of components from the rod guides to the reel seat. We tried sanded, un-sanded, painted and unpainted blanks. In the end we were left with a rod with a natural un-sanded and unpainted blank enforced with our new sauce of nano silica resin.

HANDLE AND REEL SEAT: A properly shaped high-quality handle is a crucial part of any fly rod and especially so in saltwater fly fishing where large and/or heavy flies are used in windy conditions on a regular basis. We selected proven Full wells handles with AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork enforcement for our flagship saltwater rods. A double nut up-locking precision machined aluminum reel seat for secure and easy locking of your reel. Fighting butt size varies with each rod weight and has a target species branded on the end cap. Collect the whole series: bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

LINE GUIDES: The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Merisuola rods have patented two leg REC nickel titanium alloy snake guides and solid titanium stripping guides. Made in USA.

TUBE & CLOTH: A high-quality aluminum rod tube with machined bar-stock aluminum collar and caps. Bright blue with bright orange Merisuola logo. Inside the cap there is a cork layer working as a cushion with the Fishing Lion logo. Our premium aluminium Merisuola rod tube is finished with a bright orange rod cloth with individual sections for each rod parts. Easy to use and vital for the protection of your premium Merisuola fly rod.

MERISUOLA RODS - #8, #10, #12

Three rod models especially designed for three classical shallow water game fish: bonefish, permit and tarpon.

BoneCollector - 9' #8

Versatile #8 rod for very popular bonefish fishing. Suits well for general streamer fishing, salmon fishing etc. Extremely light and sensitive.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: So what is the #8 used at? We especially designed it so it would work as well on the flats in the tropics and the coasts of the Baltic for seatrout. This is not an easy task because the rod should have feel for fast and short presentations on the flats and power to launch long casts in to the wind on the coasts of Northern Europe. Even though we had good prototypes after each other we didn't stop before we had it just like we wanted.

VMS4908 | 9' #8 | 4 pcs. | 121g

PermitMaster - 9' #10

The rod for the quest of the holy grail of flyfishing -permit. This #10 powerhouse will deliver your heavy Merkin crab pattern in almost any imaginable conditions. Extremely suitable for general saltwater fishing and pike fishing especially.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: The #10 was an absolute obsession for me because I'm really addicted to permit fishing and #10 weight is usually referred to as The weight for permit fishing. And you can just imagine what this addiction does for a guy who lives in Finland and gets to fish it normally only once a year for couple of weeks. And even when I get to do it the fish normally just raise the middle fin and swim away. Those Bastards! But I love it! The thing that is required for casting for permit is to be able to make an accurate cast in strong winds with a big and heavy crab fly on the end of the leader. And on top of that the cast is many times made from rocking boat and the guide yelling at you on the poling platform. So basically it is the most difficult cast in fly fishing. I was thrilled when I started hearing very positive feedback from many experienced SW fishermen about the prototypes I had worked on and sent for testing. I was also a bit surprised because even some pike fishermen praised it even though it definately wasn't originally designed for pike fishing.

VMS4910 | 9' #10 | 4 pcs. | 133g

Tarponator - 9' #12

The heavy gun of the series. Developed especially for tarpon hunting. Unlike some other #12 rods, this one is a real pleasure to cast, but still possess the needed power for the brutal endgame. Besides tarpons, this model has landed some serious GTs and billfishes all over the world.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: What defines a good #12 weight rod? The absolute number one thing is durability. And that was the number one priority in designing this rod. It should have enough power in the butt section to fight big fish like tarpon and GT and it should not break. On top of achieving that we achieved a rod that has a good feeling for casting and surprising lightness. Whether the prototypes were used for big tarpon, GT or big coalfish in Norway it excelled. So the times spend on top of the roof of our office pulling weights was rewarded.

VMS4912 | 9' #12 | 4 pcs. | 147g

MERISUOLA RODS - #6, #7, #9

Three new rod models complement the series. Directed, but nor restricted in any means for bonefishing in ideal conditions, for coastal seatrout fishing and for catching big barracudas, pikes and other strong predators all over the world.

SkinnyWater - 9' #6

When a stealthy approach is required or the size of the target fish is not that big, this light and sensitive rod is the right weapon.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: "This is the ideal weapon on calm days on skinny water. I was personally surprised on a trip to Hawaii, which is the home of some of the biggest bonefish in the world, when my guide told me to use a six weight rod. We were seeing +10lb bonefish in really skinny water and it was flat calm. When I was preparing for the trip I planned on using eights and nines. But when you need softer presentation that's just too heavy and loud no matter what the size of the bonefish. Ofcourse this is ideal for smaller sized bonefish found on many Caribbean destinations. And a great choice also as a lighter seatrout rod.

VMS4906 | 9' #6 | 4 pcs. | 114g

SeatroutSling - 9' #7

Especially designed for coastal seatrout fishing but suits extremly well for bonefishing as well.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: "The #7 rod is the choice of most seatrout anglers across the Baltic and beyond. The 3 lightest rods in the Merisuola range are first and foremost designed for bonefish and seatrout fishing. This rod is a true catapult with surprising amount of strength in such a light and sensitive rod. This is the rod that our seatrout crash test dummies have been praising all around. Try it and get addicted.

VMS4907 | 9' #7 | 4 pcs. | 117g

PredatorSlayer - 9' #9

As the nickname suggest, this rod is truly a generic tool for targeting various predatory species all over the world. Strong enough to cast big heavy flies and subdue some serious toothy critters, but still light enough for constant casting in search of that active fish.

Product manager Antti Guttorm: "On top of being the lighter option as a permit tool this is also the rod of choice for the bad boys in the flats and Baltic. This is as home casting crab flies for permit as it is with deceivers for barracuda or pike.

VMS4909 | 9' #9 | 4 pcs. | 131g


Two years ago we decided to put some extra efforts into this field and started the Project Merisuola (Sea salt). The idea was to provide premium tools for devoted saltwater fly fishermen. In the first phase we are introducing Merisuola fly rods and fly lines, which were designed simultaneously to complete each other. The harsh saltwater environment and big, strong and fast fish is a combination, which sets some hard limits especially for fly lines. For that reason, we have spent numerous hours testing and re-designing our Merisuola fly lines before we were confident that the lines were ready for the challenge.

  • Reversed compound taper (long rear taper, short powerful front taper)
  • Slick and stiff coating for tropical heat
  • Low stretch core (transfers casting energy better, firm hook set with hard mouth fish)
  • Super strong ready-made loops
  • Designed in conjunction with the Merisuola rods
  • Head length 12,8m – total length 30m
  • Orange running line – blue head
  • Tested all over the world by sailfish, tarpon, permit, jacks, bonefish etc…
  • Available in AFTM classes: #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 and #12



This tackle is covered by MERISUOLA service & warranty from the date of purchase and registration. It does not affect or reduce the owner's statutory rights which cover against manufacturing and material during the statutory period.

  • Servive & Warranty
  • Worlwide service centres
  • Vision Group Ltd
Congratulations on buying this fine product manufactured by Vision Group of Finland. This tackle is covered by Merisuola service & warranty from the date of purchase and registration. It does not affect or reduce the owner's statutory rights which cover against manufacturing and material during the statutory period.

Ten (10) Years Merisuola service *

In the event of a breakage, your Merisuola rod's broken part will be replaced with a new one at fixed rate of 79.00€ (per piece). In case we need to ship outside EU additional cost 30.00€ will be added. Vision Group is not responsible for possible duties and custom costs when shipping outside EU. This online system works for up to three rod parts only. In case you need complete rod please contact our service center.


  • In case of discontinued models the whole rod will be replaced with the nearest current model.
  • Merisuola Unconditional Service only applied to the original owner.
  • Merisuola Unconditional Service does not cover misuse, neglect, theft, loss or intentional damage.
  • Vision Group Ltd reserves the right to change the fixed rate from time to time without notice.
  • After ten year period we naturally continue to support all Merisuola customers with our service, but from this point all possible charges will not be fixed and follow the actual cost of service case by case.

Registration needs to be made by your dealer once Merisuola rod is sold.

Only after this rod is activated for Merisuola service. Please see the REGISTRATION

In case of claim contact our worldwide service centres via email or phone.

They can also help you to order spare parts if you do not do it online. Please see the MERISUOLA SERVICE CENTRES for details.

Merisuola product family is available via Vision distributors. To locate your own service centre (the distributor) please go to the Vision distributors page. From there you can also find out Merisuola dealers in your own country.


Fly Fishing is not only a fun sport for us. We at Vision also love developing fly tackle and promoting this great way of using your valuable free time. Being serious but having fun at the same time and not forgetting the main issues of fly fishing has taken us to the position we have today. There's Vision in fly fishing in over 40 countries world wide. Besides VISION we also have KEEPER in our product repertoire.

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